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United States
Current Residence: My room (:
Favourite genre of music: rock, hip-hop, rap, and R+B
Favourite style of art: Any style (:
MP3 player of choice: ipod. Piano. Guitar.
Favourite cartoon character: Alottt (: BUT ESPECIALLY EDWARD CULLEN. Alice. And Jasper :D
Personal Quote: "Je t'aime avec tout mon cocur" ♥
I don't know why I didn't post this up as soon as I got home -procrastinator- But eh, might as well add my joy :D

Pictures at http : // . viewPicture&friendID=21974707 & albumId=3516288 & page=1 JUST ERASE ALL THE SPACES . Open for all to look at, and if you were a cosplayer and I took a picture of you, I'd like you to tell me , so I could credit your deviantart account ;D

Couldn't make the first day ):

Second Day was . . .
AWESOME. Didn't cosplay as Kairi yet, though saw alot of Kingdom Hearts cosplayers, and many many more. -totally fangirl'd at all the OHSHC cosplayers <333- I walked around the artist alley and bought myself a MS slime plushie. Whoo! I named her Muffin, and she is mine and :icondanuchiha130:'s c: Who else saw those kickass people who cosplayed the South Park gang? They killed Kenny ! :D Got to read in the Manga Cafe' for a bit, and it was really peaceful in there for a change, compared to the other parts of the convention. Met Kel Mitchel at the . . . marker place o,o; -keeps on forgetting the name even though they made us say it 4882394 times if you were at the booth- It's something like magic marker. -dies- I attended the Anime Music Video contest, and that was total win ;o; I saw Hitachiin twin love in the crowd, and squeeled my heart out until it started. DEAD FANTASYY = <3 The security guards had to kick everyone out D:

Third day was . . .
my first time cosplaying, and I chose Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 , pink dress :D Totally better than the second day, for it was more eventful. Except for the fact that I could not find the Kingdom Hearts Gathering -sobs- and thus, missed it entirely. I heard it was fun though, so definitely, I shall search for it better next year and get there early. However, with the KHG residing on the same day, I got to be with alot of other Sora's and Namine's -love overflow- I fought a Nobody Dusk after randomly encountering one in the West Hall, and a crowd surrounded us. Hahahah ^.^; Despite my best efforts however, I could not find any Sora plushies -cries- But I had buttons on my side bag that said "glomp me" and I felt love with every glomp I got, so I felt better :D I got to meet the original power rangers, on the way to their panel, I ALMOST got kidnapped by a group of Organization Xlll cosplayers. The Axel promised me that I would be with Sora again ! ;_; Then after almost getting kidnapped, I bought an Ouran Doujin by Fresh Baked who you can find here  -shameless plug: - *.* -rapes ouran love-
Then after almost being kidnapped by the Axel and Organization members and buying my doujin, I headed to line up for the Masquerade for being a procrastinator yet again and not buying a ticket ahead of time. While I was waiting in line, my brother and I decided to get ice cream from a cart guy, and I asked for a blue one (orz;;) hoping to pull off a sea salt ice cream kind of thing, but he didn't have any D: So I settled for a green one. LOL. First year without the Nokia Theatre, nuuu! It was fun, though it surely could've been better/: I loved most of the skits -coughOTP & PokeballZcoughcough-, and the costumes were just awesome nevertheless. The hosts were absolutely spectacular, and made the show complete. "Yaoi" -enter fangirls screaming here- ;D

Fourth and Last day - D: - was . . .
Very sad. No doubt that I was yearning for next year's anime expo even before the convention ended for good. To my own confusion, alot of the best cosplayers came out on the last day -totally expected way below the line for the last day - But nope, it went way beyond what I expected :'D WHO SAW THE FMA COSPLAYERS ?! They were definite moe fangirl worthy, so I was surprised when I just saw them standing around in front of the Exhibit Hall o.o Mostly just took pictures, and spent my time in the Exhibit Hall , buying myself art, hats, and an Akatsuki robe for my future cosplays to come, muahaha.

And I'm sure that's all that I can think of my adventure from Anime Expo. Although I could not spot Joey there at the convention, I did meet alot of new awesome people, and a bunch from here on Deviantart and from I cannot wait for next year's, and for those going to Fanime '10 in San Jose, see you there!


P.S: I've definitely gotten back into drawing after a couple of dillemas that I have now fixed up, and I will be submitting alot of art soon.


Drawing List
And i think that's it...yeah..If i forgot anything tell me XD

Innocent Plugs: obitoxuchihaxlover.deviantart.…

My best day EVER: obitoxuchihaxlover.deviantart.…

My days at AX07 ^______^: obitoxuchihaxlover.deviantart.…

Cosplay Group :love:

:glomp: Special people in my life :glomp:

My bestfriend- :icondanuchiha130: <-- just love her :glomp:

My DA step-sister- :iconkohina-demon-girl: <--- She's so nice! :hug:

My DA twin- :iconwhitis1314: <--- She's so cool! :hug:

Coolest guy EVER- :iconsuperthreeeyes: <---- He's awesome. Period. Visit him >D

Coolest artist ever- :iconjustamiracle4u: <------ She's just...great w@

TWILIGHT buddy - :iconlillithcrescent: <------ I hope that one day we actually get to meet cause shes like COOLIOEST person i've met on DA (:

:heart: Some of my favorite artists :heart:

:iconino-elric::iconfreakin-whattheheck::iconicyookami::iconuberzers::iconmoved2-lavender-iced::iconblondewolf2::iconzaphk::iconevilevergreen::iconramy::icono-renji::iconmikuo::iconone-of-the-clayr::iconkuro-rakuen::iconkohina-demon-girl::iconwhitis1314::iconkaze-hime::iconsonteen12::iconuzumakiramen::iconjustamiracle4u::icondanuchiha130: and much more.

:w00t!: My Cosplay Group :w00t!:
:iconobitoxuchihaxlover:~I'm Misa, Kairi (KH2), and Tenten. Hopefully soon Alice Cullen or Bella Swan (:
:icondanuchiha130:~My L, Riku, and Sasuke :love:
(Hopefully soon) :iconlillithcrescent: ~ Edward Cullen
The rest of my cosplay group needs to get a deviantart acount. lol

Other links

My youtube (doing requests! Check it out)-…

CARLTON NEEDS THE HELP!!! (turns into one of those donation commercials) (picks up carlton) For every time you post something about fresh prince, carlton here gets 10 cents more towards his longer leg surgery. Every penny helps!

I'm Clara/Psiren in The Fullmetal Alchemist Crew!
  • Listening to: Tip-tapping of my keyboard.
  • Reading: OHSHC Doujin
  • Watching: Ouran Host Club :D
  • Playing: Sims 3 -addict-
  • Drinking: Orange Soda!

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